Benefit from having an Infrastructure As A Service in your company, making it more secure, efficient and flexible.

Hundreds of companies around the world have already adopted this technology, taking advantage of the cost savings benefits of acquisition and maintenance.

In Safe Computing, we are experts in server and desktop virtualization.

We also have data centre with TIER IV classification in Spain and the UK. All to make you feel safe, whether you opt for a single virtual server (VPS) as if virtualize their entire business.

We are seeing, as increasingly raises the cost of power and cooling.

If you are considering migrating its infrastructure to a more energy-efficient and safe place in Safe Computing we offer the possibility to host it on one of our Tier IV data centres (London and Madrid).

We also have the ability to access data replicated using multiple channels and up to 100 Gbit / s capacity.

Our dedicated servers ensure your company the resources it needs.

Located in our Tier IV data centres, with which they will have high availability and security it deserves.

All this with the freedom to choose the server specifications, operating system and communication needs required.

The result of our efforts to provide advanced services to our customers and leveraging our high-availability infrastructure, we have created a new backup service in the cloud, where you can store the desired information off-site, thus securing the support of your most important data.

Adaptable to both the individual user with a laptop or desktop in his office, and server within any type of organization.

It also has the ability to recover granular SQL, Exchange, Oracle, ... etc.

Safe has extensive experience in the field of micro-support.

Thanks to our close customer and our proactive maintenance treatment, we get that the average downtime before an impact is significantly reduced.

We have various types of support, to ensure that we can fit your needs.

A small breach in the security of your company, you can expose all data, strategies and confidential information, and can take the complete stoppage of their activity.

Safe Computing has extensive experience in the implementation of security systems that coexist seamlessly with the enterprise infrastructure, thereby protecting your data


It is the site of our "headquarters". From there we manage all services.

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It is the site of our first data centre.

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*TIER IV certification and 1006 square meters. It owns 99.999% SLA. Multiple communication channels, and can reach up to 100 Gbit / s capacity.


It is the site of our second data centre.

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*Certified Tier IV and 930 square meters. It has a 99.999% SLA. It is integrated into the fibre network with the Data of Madrid, allowing the distribution and hosting content on multiple locations and transparent to the end user.